Next Bite-Size Seminar: World-Class Selling Skills, Thursday 9th February, Bristol

Bite-Size Seminars

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Ali Cameron-Daw, Founder Bite-Size Business Training
Ali Cameron-Daw

Bite-Size business training will give you:

  • Unique Business Psychology
  • Giving you the edge over your competitors. Learn the importance of ‘thinking styles’ and what makes people decide to buy. Intelligent, inspiring ideas that will permanently empower you to change your current habits to those used by the world-beaters in business today.

  • Networking with a difference!
  • How to vastly improve your chances of selling successfully both during and after networking functions…a fun, practical session with a hard-hitting technique.

Unique Business Psychology

  • Proven Business Techniques
  • Learn how to remove pressure yet build desire for your product or service in a small number of razor-sharp crucial steps….all the while remaining professional and ethical.